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About the Artist...
Shahid Malik
Lives and works in Lahore.

Malik's recent work is multidimensional which encompasses human behaviours and way of seeing globally and locally. The subject matter is comtemporary and found everywhere. However they way of painting and colour palette is unique in itself. The most prominent feature of traditional miniature painting which is flatness and multipersepective can be observed in the work. Although in most of the paintings garbage and filthy material is painted yet it is not detestful. It is visually and sesthetically appealing. The main concern is how a society gets immune to the surroundings gradually and ultimately it cant see anything disturbing or abnormal. Gradually they become part of the problem.
Shahid Malik completed his BFA (Honors), from National College of Arts, Lahore. Currently he is doing his MPhil from Beaconhouse National University, Lahore. Before graduation he completed his diploma in fine arts from Naqsh school of arts, Lahore which is famous for traditional arts education. He completed his diploma in fresco painting from National College of Arts, Lahore in 2013. Currently he is continuing his art practice in Lahore. He has participated in numerous national and international shows. He has also joined Government college women's university, Faisalabad as a visiting lecturer in fine arts department. He believes that one should give from what he has taken. So he is giving the knowledge from what he has sought.

According to

"World is created in contrasts. Day/night, light/darkness, truth/lie, pain/pleasure. In the miniature paintings of Shahid Altaf Awan a similar approach i.e. dichotomies, and differences, is visible in which ideal landscapes are constructed with heaps of rubbish. Mountains amid a pretty setting are actually the accumulations of garbage, abundant in our urban areas. The comparison of serene sky, and colourful fields to a mound that from a distance appears to be part of the same environment – but is composed of unwanted materials, is a record, and revelation of our reality. These works indicate the dualities which are part of our existence. Entities which at the same instance represent beauty, perfection, but on the other hand refer to decay and worthlessness."